About us

About Us

3 Little Monkeys started in mid-2019 with a vision to create hands on, educational workbooks that develop key concepts and skills in pre-primary aged children.

Within a few short months, we found there was a real need from parents, teachers, and nursery schools, both from South Africa and abroad, with specific requests for educational resources and support. This has led us to greatly expand our product range to include activity boxes and classroom displays in both English and Afrikaans. We are now looking at translating our products into Xhosa and further developing our series to help all children learn.

I am a qualified and experienced teacher, who has worked with a wide variety of children of different ages, cultures, and languages, both in a local and international setting. During my extensive experience, it has become apparent that not all children learn the same way and that it is very challenging for the education system to cater for the diversity of learner needs.

Many parents want to support their children’s educational journey at home, but simply don’t know how. 3 Little Monkeys provides age and developmentally appropriate activities, with full instructions and suggestions, to empower parents to help their children on their learning journey.

My role as a mother to three boys confirms my work experience findings, as all three of my boys learn differently.

My eldest son has developmental delay, struggles with fine and gross motor activities, and has slow mental processing; and even though he attends a LSEN school, I still find that I have to be creative and think of different ways to help him understand his homework and meet the curriculum outcomes . These experiments have often ended up inspiring some of our products!

My middle son is a very ‘traditional’ learner who loves and excels at reading, and constantly absorbs information from his teachers, friends and television. He works independently and has no challenges at school.

My youngest son is at nursery school and is described by many as ‘busy’! He needs to be constantly stimulated and relies on a visual and practical approach to learning.

If I have so many ways of learning within my own home, how compounded would this be in a classroom setting of a minimum of 25 learners?!

3 Little Monkeys aims to provide support to all these children and parents who are frustrated, anxious and struggling to ‘meet expectations’. Our goal is to help each learner realise their strengths and unlock their potential and overcome barriers to learning.

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