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Book Bag

Bright and colourful A4 stationery bag with zipper.

Colours may vary.


Christmas Activity Book

This Activity Book will only be available for a limited period ending 7 December.


This book focuses on matching 2D shapes, reading and copying pattern cards, matching assorted facial expressions of reindeer, building a Christmas tree, matching different coloured Santa, counting ornamental objects up to ten and matching it to the number and more. There are 10 pages in this activity book. Each page has velcro on the parts for easy matching.

The book comes packaged in a zipped bag so no parts get lost and is easy to take with you anywhere.


Grade R Literacy Book

This book helps children identify the letters of their name; write their name; identify and name different parts of their body; and identify their different emotions.

It also helps children to explore sequencing through daily routines; name different kinds of weather; reading different types of environmental print, formation of letters A-Z, as well as identifying and sorting rhyming words (-at/-en/-in/-op)

This is all achieved through a combination of written and practical activities.

The book is personalized for name activity and body assembling activity (boy/girl).


Grade R Numeracy Book

This book focuses on recognizing symbols from 1-10; ordering numbers from 1-10; ordering a collection of objects and numbers that are more/less or equal to; copies and extends simple patterns and creates own patterns; sorts physical objects according to one property; explores ordinal numbers from first to sixth (emphasizing first and last), and ordering a collection of objects from small to big and short to long.


Interactive Bible Story Book

This Interactive Bible story covers some of the most well-known stories and characters from the Bible:

The seven days of Creation
Adam and Eve
Noah’s Ark
David and Goliath
Jonah and the whale
Jesus is born
The Crucifixion
He is Risen!
Jesus returns home

Children can play with the characters to retell the story in their own words or can be used while you tell the story.

Each story contains a written set, cut up into sections which can be used as a sequencing
activity to encourage children to remember the stories.


Label the CVC Workbook

This work book covers the short a, e, i, o and u sounds.

-ag, -ap, -ad, -am, -ag, -an, -eb, -ed, -eg, -et, -en, -id, -ig, -in, -ib, -it, -ip, -ob, -od, -og,
-op, -ot, -ub, -ud, -ug, -um, -un, -up, -ut,

Books also available in Sencur-bold font

Books are sold for personal or single classroom use only.


Pre-school Activity Book 1

This book covers all the basic skills, such as: letter and number recognition; letter and number formation; one-to-one counting up to 10; matching colours and shapes; and identifying, writing, and building your name.

All loose parts have Velcro for easy matching.

The book comes with a whiteboard marker and is laminated so is easy to write and erase and use again.


Pre-School Activity Book 2

This book enables a child to interpret and makes sense of and interpret what they are seeing. There are activities that encourage matching two objects that are the same (weather, body parts, occupations). They will also be able to explore the different types of transport that are found on land, sea, and air, as well as sort numbers from 1-10 and practice counting one-one objects to match a number.


Pre-School Activity Book 3

Pre-school Activity Book 3 has the following activities:

  • Shadow sorting (farm animals and under the sea)
  • 2D shape identification – bee matching activity
  • Colour matching – build an ice-cream (picture cards and assorted coloured scoops to copy picture)
  • Party Animal Hats matching,
  • Apple sorting (big and small)
  • Build an insect (loose parts and picture cards to copy and build)
  • Fish counting 1-10.

Pre-school Activity Book 4

Activities in this book include the following:

  • Dress up the boy and girl
  • Copy car pattern activity cards
  • Grocery shopping and fill your trolley with the same items from your activity card
  • Cookie counting
  • Mister snowman and colour matching heads to buttons
  • Monster candy match
  • Pets shadow matching
  • Build a monster
  • Build a watermelon town using your activity card
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