2-3 Years Box 3

2-3 Years Box 3

This Activity Box has been created for toddlers in order to stimulate the development of their senses, fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This Activity Box encourgaes open-ended play and stimulates creativity, imagination and problem-solving. It encourages children to be engaged in and self-direct their learning.

This Activity Box is designed to support children to learn through play and encourages children to learn in a kinesthetic manner through doing.

This Activity Box comes with an instruction sheet explaining what is included in the Box and how the contents and activities may be used to aid learning.

Activities in this Box include:

        • Nursery Rhymes: Hickory Dickory Dock and Hey Diddle Diddle
        • Transport memory game/picture match
        • Transport shadow match with transport counters
        • Cookie shape monster and felt-shaped cookies with matching cards
        • Fill the "snowman" (jar) with cotton balls using tweezers
        • Sorting big and small pictures
        • Matchstick match
        • Monster pom pom munch (place pom poms on the circles on the monsters)
        • Colour sorting activity cards with four pictures for each colour
        • Weather puzzles with velcro for easy matching
        • Bag of coloured rice with scoop (transfer from one bigger container to the smaller one)
        • 10 wooden blocks for stacking
        • Playdough
        • Cutting activity sheets and blunt nose scissors
        • Nuts and bolts (3 different colours


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