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Our Education Philosophy

We believe that every child is unique, with special talents, and can learn and be a success. We have been frustrated with educational systems that cater to ‘the norm’, that ‘box’ children or are quick to ‘label’ children with problems and weaknesses. We have first-hand understanding of the anxiety and stress this places on parents and children.

We believe that children learn when they are engaged in the learning process, are having fun with what they are doing and are visually and kinesthetically stimulated. It is important to cater to the variety of learning styles, to create opportunities for children to experiment, to problem-solve, to be creative and imaginative. For us, learning must be a multi-sensory experience, whereby the teacher and material acts as facilitators, guides, and support for the child to create knowledge. We believe in taking a guided approach to learning, learning that is driven by the needs and ability of the individual.

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