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Who we are

We are a husband and wife team, parents to three young boys (our little monkeys!), teachers, education administrators, South Africans, global travelers, Christ followers.  We started our business after returning to South Africa all grown up after eleven years in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We left in 2007 ‘in a relationship’ with two suitcases and returned with three boys, a dog and a cat and a 30-foot container load of furniture!

We have three quite different boys, each very different but important in contributing a crucial aspect to who we are as a family. One of our son’s has learning difficulties, so we identify with those parents who are worried and stressed trying to support their own child on their learning journey.

Creating materials to help him, aligned to a desire to own our own business that allows us to manage our time to be together as a family, was the inspiration behind starting 3 Little Monkeys.  Professionally, we are qualified and experienced teachers, who have been exposed to different curriculums, methodologies, and cultures in the international setting of the UAE. Our eyes were opened, and we were challenged as we grew in developing our educational philosophy and approach.

We are like you, with our daily struggles, our hopes and dreams, our concerns and fears above all we have each other, our relationship with God and a steadfast belief in a brighter future for all and hope for tomorrow as we strive to do our best for our family.

We thank you for embarking on this journey with us and for all your positive responses and support and look forward to growing with you and your children.

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Just a quick reminder that orders received from 27 November (except for pdfs) will only be made up when we reopen on January 15th. 
We thank our loyal customers for their support this year and wish you all a safe and wonderful festive season! 🎅🎄
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