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Introducing our Sound Wall Display that is designed to foster essential phonics skills from basic to advanced levels. With a focus on explicit phonics instruction, this tool empowers students to enhance their spelling and reading abilities with ease. From mastering letter-sound relationships to tackling complex phonetic patterns, our Sound Wall Display provides a comprehensive learning experience that lays a strong foundation for literacy success.

This digital set includes five colour options: rainbow, boho, pastel, black lined and black and white (printer friendly).

The following phonics skills are included:

▪Short vowels (a/e/i/o/u)
▪Long vowels (a/e/i/o/u)
▪Digraphs (ch/sh/th/ph/wh/qu/ck)
▪L Blends (bl/cl/fl/gl/pl/sl)
▪R Blends (br/cr/dr/fr/gr/pr/tr)
▪S Blends (sc/sk/sn/sp/st/sw/sm)
▪Final Blends (st/sk/sn/sp/nd/nt/nk/mp/md/rd/ld/lt/lp/rd/rd/rk/rl/rm/rn/rp)
▪Long a (ai/ay/a-e)
▪Long e (ea/ee/e-e)
▪Long i (ie/igh/i-e)
▪Long o (oe/ow/o-e)
▪Long u (ue/ui/u-e)
▪Double consonants (ff/ll/tt/bb/dd/ss/zz)
▪R-controlled vowels (ar/er/ir/or/ur)
▪Diphthongs (ay/aw/oy/ow/oi/ew/oo)
▪silent letters (kn/mb/gn/wr)
▪Soft sounds (c/g)
▪Vowel Teams (ai/ay/ie/ea/ee/ey/oa/oe/ue/ui)

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